Tracking for Inspection in Energy Transmission Power Lines using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): A Systematic Review of current and specific Literature

Wander Mendes Martins, Antonio Josivaldo Dantas Filho, Leandro Diniz de Jesus, Alexandre Carlos Brandão Ramos, Tales Cleber Pimenta, Adler Diniz de Souza


Power transmission lines are of great importance for the operation of all sectors of society, such as commerce, industry and public agencies. To ensure reliability andavailability of power supply, regular and occasional inspections are conducted, mostlyusing patrol with binoculars, helicopters or truck cranes. Research is being developedusing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to make this activity autonomous, faster, safer, and less costly. The present work aims to analyze research related to the autonomouscontrol of the UAV along the transmission lines through a systematic review of the literature (SRL), apply a viable solution and to verify the possible lacuna in this state of the art. Improvements in safety, computational process and energy efficiency with lowcost were identified. The results presented can help the research community to perform the workin this state of art, from the suggestions of autonomous tracking of transmission lines.


Autonomous, Simulation, Systematic Review, Tracking, Transmission Lines, UAV


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