Robust Trajectory Tracking with Optimal Visual Servoing on a Deformable Object

Yasser derrar


This paper presents a novel approach to rigidly align a prespective camera to the deformation of a non-rigid object. We assume having a reference pre-planned camera trajectory viewing a non-rigid object. Our goal, is to align this trajectory at the execution time given a prior only on the most relevant landmark. Our method does not assume any parametric or non-parametric prior model on the physics of deformation. The proposed method is formalized as a tracking problem embedded in an optimal control framework. The tracking problem encodes visual servoing of features' from the deformable object between pre-planned and execution time. The optimal control framework is formalized with a weighted least-square criterion that minimizes the distance between the reference features and the features at run time. The weights are time-dependent smooth functions that encode the relevance of the visible object's features. We experimentally prove that our method can adapt to multiple pre-planned trajectories and multiple types of deformations without any prior knowledge on them. Robustness to noise in the detection of image features is also experimentally demonstrated.


Visual servoing, Deformable objects, Rigid camera positioning, Tracking deformation



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