Fuzzy neuro-genetic approach for feature selection and image classification in augmented reality systems

Rajendra Thilahar C., Sivaramakrishnan R.


In this paper, a new approach for implementing an Augmented Reality system by applying fuzzy genetic neural networks is proposed. It consists of two components namely feature selection and classification modules. For feature detection, extraction and selection, the proposed model uses a fuzzy logic based incremental feature selection algorithm which has been proposed in this work in order to recognize the important features from 3D images. Moreover, this paper explains the implementation and results of the proposed algorithms for an Augmented Reality system using image recognition, feature extraction, feature selection and classification by  considering the global and local features of the images. For this purpose, we propose a three layer fuzzy neural network that has been implemented based on weight adjustments using fuzzy rules in the convolutional neural networks with genetic algorithm for effective optimization of rules. The classification algorithm is also based on fuzzy neuro-genetic approach which consists of two phases namely Training phase and testing phase. During the training phase, rules are formed based on objects and these rules are applied during the testing phase for recognizing the objects which can be used in robotics for effective object recognition. From the experiments conducted in this work, it is proved that the proposed model is more accurate in 3D
object recognition.


Augmented reality; Classification; Feature selection; Fuzzy logic; Genetic algorithm; Neural networks; Temporal rules

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijra.v8i3.pp194-204


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