Inverse kinematic analysis of 3 DOF 3-PRS PM for machining on inclined prismatic surfaces

Hishantkumar Rashmikantbhai Patel, Yashavant Patel


Parallel Manipulators (PMs) are family members of modern manipulators based on the closed loop structural architecture. 3-PRS (prismatic, revolute, spherical) manipulator with 3DOF is investigated for its machining capability on prismatic surfaces as it possesses greater structural stiffness, higher pay load caring capacity, more precision compare to serial manipulators as well as less accumulation of errors at joints within a constrained workspace. The said manipulator can be utilized in various fields of application such as precise manufacturing, medical surgery, space technology and many more. In this paper, the primary focus on usage of parallel manipulator in industrial applications such as drilling and grooving on inclined work part surface. Inverse kinematic solutions are used for drilling, square and round profiles on inclined surface using parallel manipulator.


3 PRS; Inverse kinematic; Parallel manipulator; Prismatic surfaces

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