Robots for search site monitoring, suspect guarding, and evidence identification

Yi-Chang Wu, Jih-Wei Lee, Huan-Chun Wang


As an initial trial and in response to a lack of technological applications in government agencies, we have developed three multifunctional robots in accordance with the work environment and the nature of our tasks. Search site monitoring robot is fitted with a panoramic camera and large wheels for walk-around search site monitoring. Suspect guarding robot follows and guards a suspect by tracking an augmented reality marker worn by the suspect and identifying the human body through an infrared thermal camera. For the evidence identification robot, You Only Look Once (YOLO) is utilized to identify some specific evidence on search site and is equipped with a carrier and a high-torque motor for evidence transportation; it is set to issue warnings and emails to relevant personnel on specific emergencies. We have performed multiple experiments and tests to confirm the robots’ effectiveness, verifying their applicability of technological task support in government agencies.


Individual following; Object identification; Remote monitoring; Robot; ROS

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