The use and significance of machine learning to screen COVID-19

Nadeem Sarfraz, Faisal Rehman, Ammara Zahid


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) virus was first seen in 2019 December in China and rapidly spread all over the world and millions of people are infected with this virus. This disease has sited the entire world in dangerous circumstances. At the start of this virus, it was a very serious matter in China but now it is being observed all over the world. The virus is life-threatening, and other public who are affected by previous diseases or those people whose age is more than 60 are more affected by this virus. The healthcare and drug industries have tried to find a treatment. While machine learning algorithms are largely applied in other areas, at this time every health care unit has to want to use machine learning techniques to find, predict, track, and screen the spread of COVID-19, and try to find the treatment of it. we show what is the journey of machine learning to find and track COVID-19 and also observing it from a screening and detecting the COVID-19. We show how much research has been done yet to detection of COVID-19 and which algorithm of machine learning is best for the detection and screening of the COVID-19.


Artificial intelligence; COVID-19; Healthcare; Machine learning

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