Stabilization of liquid level in a tank system based on fuzzy logic controller

Muhammad Ilyas, Syed Ali Raza Shah, Arshad Rauf, Yousaf Khalil, Muhammad Ayaz


Process industry needed a fast executed automatic control system capable of handling uncertain, vague problems and nonlinear control variables. Liquid level control is one of the emerging control problems getting the interest of technical experts in the area of control. This paper is based on a fuzzy logic control strategy to maintain and stabilize the liquid level in a tank system that deals with pumping of liquid in tanks as well as regulating liquid level and pushing off the liquid into another tank. Fuzzy controller attains optimum performance by eliminating perturbation in steady state and vanishing the overshoot as compared to proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) controller. The proposed fuzzy logic controller shows minimal steady error as compared to PID controller. The defuzzification of the proposed scheme is based on the centroid method to obtain optimum results. The settling time is nearly 50 second while using fuzzy logic control as compared to 80 seconds in PID control strategy. The overshoot observed is minimal, nearly less than 1% using a fuzzy logic control scheme.


Defuzzification; Fuzzification; Fuzzy logic control system; Liquid level control system; Proportional, integral, and derivative controller

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