Real-time microreaction recognition system

Yi-Chang Wu, Yao-Cheng Liu, Ru-Yi Huang


This study constructed a real-time microreaction recognition system that can give real-time assistance to investigators. Test results indicated that the number of frames per second (30 or 190); angle of the camera, namely the front view of the interviewee or left (+45°) or right (−45°) view; and image resolution (480 or 680 p) did not have major effects on the system’s recognition ability. However, when the camera was placed at a distance of 300 cm, recognition did not always succeed. Value changes were larger when the camera was placed at an elevation 45° than when it was placed directly in front of the person being interrogated. Within a specific distance, the recognition results of the proposed real-time microreaction recognition system concurred with the six reaction case videos. In practice, only the distance and height of the camera must be adjusted in the real-time microreaction recognition system.


Deep learning; Microreaction; Real-time recognition

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