Discrete-time Inversion Model Control of a Double-damper System with Uncertain Parameters

Marwa Hannachi, Ikbel Bencheikh Ahmed, Dhaou Soudani


This paper addresses the control at discrete time of physical complex systems multi-inputs multi-outputs with variables parameters. Classified among the robust control laws the Internal Model Control (IMC) is adopted in this work to ensure the desired performances adjacent to the complexities of the system. However, the application of this control strategy requires that these different building blocks be open loop stable, which invites us, on the one hand, to apply the algebraic approach of Kharitinov for delimiting the summits stability domain’s system. On the other case, the Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMI) approach is applied to determine the corrector’s stability conditions obtained by a specific inversion of the chosen model. It is in this sense that we contribute by this work to execute the command by inversion the discrete-time model in order to ensure the stability and to maintain the performances the stability conditions of required for the double damper system with variable parameters.


Discrete-time; Inversion model; Kharitinov’s approach; Linear matrix inequalities; Multivariable systems; Uncertain systems

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijra.v6i3.pp168-177


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