Future trends in mechatronics

Chiebuka T. Nnodim, Micheal O. Arowolo, Blessing D. Agboola, Roseline O. Ogundokun, Moses K. Abiodun


Presently, the move towards a more complex and multidisciplinary system development is increasingly important in order to understand and strengthen engineering approaches for the systems in the engineering field. This will lead to the effective and successful management of these systems. The scientific developments in computer engineering, simulation and modeling, electromechanical motion tools, power electronics, computers and informatics, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), microprocessors, and distributed system platforms (DSPs) have brought new challenges to industry and academia. Important aspects of designing advanced mechatronic products include modeling, simulation, analysis, virtual prototyping, and visualization. Competition on a global market includes the adaptation of new technology to produce better, cheaper, and smarter, scalable, multifunctional goods. Since the application area for developing such systems is very broad, including, for example, automotive, aeronautics, robotics or consumer products, and much more, there is also the need for flexible and adaptable methods to develop such systems. These dynamic interdisciplinary systems are called mechatronic systems, which refer to a system that possess synergistic integration of Software, electronic, and mechanical systems. To approach the complexity inherent in the aspects of the discipline, different methods and techniques of development and integration are coming from the disciplines involved. This paper will provide a brief review of the history, current developments and the future trends of mechatronics in general view.


advanced mechatronic systems; data science; mechatronics; miniaturization; synergistic

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijra.v10i1.pp24-31


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