Selection of smooth motion profile for the Tube Locator Module of PFBR Steam Generator Inspection Device



The Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) Steam Generators (SG) Inspection Device is a robotic device used to deploy the remote field eddy current probe into the SG tube holes. The tube locator module of the device is a planar two arm serial robotic device, which is used to position the eddy current probe above the SG tube hole in the tube sheet region. The trajectory planning of the two arm serial robot is one of the important task, so the peak velocity, peak acceleration and total time taken for a given distance has to be selected properly for the smooth motion of the robot. The theoretical study was performed to find out time-optimal smooth motion profile with velocity constraints. The fifth-order polynomial gives lower acceleration and velocity than the jerk-limited S-curve. In this paper, time-optimal study of jerk-limited s-curve, cubic polynomial, quintic polynomial, and cycloidal motion has been presented.


Steam Generator Inspection, Joint trajectory, Trapezoidal motion profile, Quintic polynomial, jerk limited s-curve, cycloidal motion, residual vibration.



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