Semi-active structural vibration control with magnetorheological damper based on hybrid fuzzy sliding mode controller

Khaled Zizouni, Abdelkrim Saidi, Leyla Fali, Ismail Khalil Bousserhane, Mohamed Djermane


Recently, structural vibration control has proved its capacity to save lives and keep structures safe during earthquakes. Furthermore, there is a wealth of research in both numerical and experimental studies. As a result, due to its simplicity and performance in mitigating structural vibrations generated by ground motions, semi-active control played a significant role in the majority of these studies. Nonetheless, the magnetorheological damper is the most often used semi-active device. In particular, the rheological fluid properties have gained adequate attention in earthquake energy dissipation and structural vibrations management, particularly in the civil engineering field. The semi-active control of three scaled excited structures is addressed in this study. A magnetorheological damper operated by a hybrid fuzzy sliding mode controller ensures the proposed control. However, to provide the appropriate current for the damper to operate, this proposed intelligent controller is combined with a clipped optimum algorithm. Otherwise, the numerical simulation results of the seismic excited scaled structure demonstrate the resilience of the suggested controller. As a result, four time-scaled seismic data are applied to the tested structure. Finally, the usefulness of the suggested semi-active control technique in mitigating earthquake structural vibration is demonstrated clearly in the compared controlled and uncontrolled responses.


Earthquake excitation; Fuzzy sliding mode; Magnetorheological damper; Semi-active control; Vibration suppression

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