Analysis of inertia, damping, and synchronization characteristics in grid-connected photovoltaic systems with fuzzy logic control

Mimmithi Bhanu Prakash, Pradosh Ranjan Sahoo


The integration of renewable energy sources (RES) into DC-distributed power systems (DC-DPSS) is gaining traction as a sustainable energy solution. However, the inherent variability of RES output can introduce instability into the grid, posing challenges for maintaining system reliability and stability. Fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) have emerged as a promising approach to mitigate these instability issues, offering a robust and adaptable control strategy that can effectively handle the complexities of DC-DPSS. This paper examines the application of FLCs in DC-DPSS, exploring their effectiveness in addressing instability caused by RES fluctuations. FLCs are a control system that leverages fuzzy logic, a form of logic that utilizes linguistic variables to represent uncertainty, make decisions, and improve the stability of DC-distributed power systems. The research analyzes various system parameters, including inertia, damping, and synchronization characteristics, using a static synchronous generator (SSG) model. The study builds upon prior findings by adding a fuzzy logic controller to the existing system. The results showed better performance which resulted in improved inertia, damping, and synchronization characteristics. The efficiency of the proposed controller is demonstrated using MATLAB/Simulink.


Direct current-direct current converter; Droop controller; Fuzzy logic controller; Maximum power point tracking controller; Proportional integral controller; Solar photovoltaic

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