Development of an unmanned ground vehicle for seed planting

Samuel Oluyemi Owoeye, Folasade Durodola, Abdulsalam Babajide Bode-Okunade, Ahmed Baba Alkali, Chibuike Timothy Okonkwo


As global population growth intensifies the demand for sustainable food production, the application of robotics to agriculture emerges as a promising solution. This research focuses on the design, development, and deployment of an unmanned ground vehicle for seed planting, also known as a robotic seed planter. The robotic seed planter automates seed planting processes, offering advantages such as increased accuracy, reduced labour requirements, and optimal resource usage. Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) Creo was used for the structural design, Proteus 8.14 for the circuitry design, and Arduino IDE 2.0 with Visual Studio Code for the programming. The design incorporates seed metering and drilling mechanisms guided by intelligent systems. Results show exceptional accuracy in seed placement (94%), operational efficiency, and adaptability to diverse conditions, with energy consumption relatively low. The planter is equipped with a web application for remote monitoring and control. The application is hosted on one of the microcontrollers and WebSockets protocol is utilized for inter-microcontroller communication. It offers an auto mode for automated planting and Manual mode for easier manoeuvrability. The findings of this study demonstrate the robotic seed planter’s transformative impact on precision agriculture, providing a glimpse into the future of efficient and sustainable farming operations.


Precision sowing; Robotics; Seed planter; Smart farming; Sustainable agriculture; Unmanned ground vehicle

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