Optimized State Feedback Control of Quarter Car Active Suspension System based on LMI Algorithm

nura tahir


Suspension systems are applied in vehicles so as to improve the passengers ride comfort, vehicle stability and better road handling when the vehicle moves on roads with bumps and terrains. In this paper, Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) and linear quadratic regulator (LQR) controllers were proposed and this was also compared with passive suspension system. Using nonlinear quarter car active suspension system model with hydraulic actuator to reduce the effect of bumpy road surfaces on vehicle and hence improve passenger ride comfort. Vehicle body suspension travel and wheel deflection were measured to determine the performance of the active suspension system. Mean absolute error (MAE) and integral square error (ISE) were used as the performance indexes, thus a MAE and ISE of passive 75.01%, LQR 82.65% and LMI 89.11% and passive 4.11x10-6, LQR 3.24x10-6 and LMI 2.19x10-6 respectively were recorded. Based on the simulation results and analysis, the LMI based control performs better in minimizing vibration effects and also guarantee better ride quality and vehicle stability when compared to the conventional LQR and the passive suspension system


vehicle, active suspension; ride comfort; passive suspension; terrains; LMI region; actuator; quarter car; bumps; passengers; vehicle stability

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijra.v9i4.pp%25p
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