Automated Door with Face Recognition: using Artificial Neural Network Approach

Nura Musa Tahir


The implementation of an accurate face recognition system in a hardware device is a very important aspect of various security applications. In a security system, any type of password is used to access private and confidential data, some are hard to remember and can be stolen or guessed, misplaced, forgotten, purloined or duplicated, or become corrupted and unreadable. While there have been significant improvements in the algorithms with increasing recognition accuracy, only a few types of research were conducted on implementing these face recognitions in hardware devices. Door access control systems based on face recognition is geared towards simplifying much-difficult face recognition problems in uncontrolled environments. This report comprised mainly of three sub-phases: face detection, face recognition, and automatic door access control. The face is detected by using the Viola-Jones method and face recognition is implemented by using the Principal Component Analysis (PCA). If a face is recognized, it is known, else it is unknown. The door will open automatically for the known person due to the command of the microcontroller (Atmega328P) received from the MATLAB program. On the other hand, the alarm will ring for an unknown person.


Face detection; Face recognition; Viola-Jones method



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